Leave of Absence and Suspension of Matriculation

Application Deadlines

Fall semester 15 - 31 May
Spring semester 15 - 30 November


Who Can Apply for a Leave of Absence or a Suspension of Matriculation?

A leave of absence may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Pregnancy (doctor's note required)
  • Childcare
  • Illness
  • Civil or military service

You can apply for a suspension of matriculation for the following reasons:

  • A non-compulsory study-related internship at home or abroad
  • an independently organized study-related period of mobility (in most cases a language course)
  • If you study in a double degree program: a period of study at a partner university once the faculty has confirmed your stay at the partner university (at the moment only possible at Faculty of Law)
  • The time during which your PhD thesis is being published

How to Apply

  • You must submit your request for a leave of absence or a suspension of matriculation during online semester enrollment. You must submit an application for an extension to your leave of absence or your suspension of matriculation here as well.
  • You will receive a letter from the Student Administration Office regarding the documents to be submitted.
  • Please hand in all necessary documents for your request at the Student Administration Office. Make sure you observe the deadlines: 31 July for the fall semester and 31 January for the spring semester. PhD candidates who are applying for a suspension of matriculation during the publication phase of the PhD do not need to hand in any documents.
  • If desired, the Student Administration Office will issue a "leave of absence"-confirmation.

If you are a first-semester student, you may not apply for a leave of absence.

Please note: Neither a leave of absence nor a suspension of matriculation releases students from their obligations toward the faculties. You are required to submit a corresponding request to your faculty (for example, concerning test procedures for booked modules or current deadlines regarding, or requests for canceling assessments for two-semester modules).

You bear sole responsibility for canceling modules and/or assessments for two-semester modules. You must take care of all cancellations before the advertised deadlines and prior to officially withdrawing from UZH. If you fail to cancel on time, you will receive a failing grade for all modules you booked.

Maximum Duration of Leave of Absence or Suspension of Matriculation, Fees, Proof of Matriculation

Leave of absence:

  • A leave of four semesters at the most will be granted.
  • You are not required to pay semester fees.
  • You will still receive your student ID and proof of matriculation.

Suspension of matriculation:

Non-compulsory internship and independently organized mobility:

  • A leave of two semesters at the most will be granted.
  • You are not required to pay semester fees.
  • You will not receive student ID nor proof of matriculation.

If you want external coursework to be recognized by the University of Zurich, you must retain regular matriculation status. In this case, you will receive a partial refund for semester fees already paid if you have taken on costs for external coursework.

Publication phase of your PhD:

  • The maximum duration of a suspended matriculation depends on the deadline your faculty has given for submitting deposit copies.
  • You are not required to pay semester fees at UZH during suspension of matriculation.
  • You will not receive a valid student ID nor proof of matriculation.