Changing Degree and/or Study Program

Changes of degree or study program (change of subject) for the next semester must be registered during the online semester enrollment process.

Only a few degree and study programs can be changed for the Spring Semster. Please check in advance at the Dean's Office (Office of Student Affairs) of the relevant faculty.

Please note: A change of degree and/or study program does not exempt the student from taking the examinations for any booked modules, nor does it invalidate any upcoming deadlines (e.g. time limits on the validity of modules). The faculties reserve the right to decide differently on these matters.


Normal deadline (during online semester enrollment):

Fall Semester 15 - 31 May
Spring Semester 15 - 30 November

Late changes are possible until:

Fall Semester 31 August
Spring Semester 31 January

Students will be charged a processing fee of CHF 30 for changing a degree and/or study program after the deadline.

Please contact the Student Administration Office if you wish to change study or degree programs outside of the semester enrollment deadlines.

Change of Study Program (Change of Major or Minor)

If you apply to change your study program, your application will be reassessed. If you do not meet requirements, the Student Administration Office will contact you. For students at Bachelor's level: If you meet the requirements, you will not be contacted, but the decision will be detailed on your proof-of-matriculation voucher. For students at Master's level: You will be contacted in writing in all cases.

Change of Degree Program

You are required to change your degree program when you plan to change to a different degree program as a consequence of changing the study program or to move to the next higher level of study (i.e. transferring from a Bachelor's degree to a Master's degree program, from a Master's degree program to doctoral study, or to the Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Education).

In all cases, a new application assessment will take place. Negative decisions are always communicated. Positive decisions are only communicated when a student moves up a level or changes programs within the Master's or doctoral level. Changes at Bachelor's level are detailed on the proof-of-matriculation voucher.

A change of degree program to the next higher academic level or to another Master's degree may be subject to restrictions and conditions.

Graduation and Transferring to the Next Level of Study

In order to transfer to the next level of study, you must apply to the faculty for the degree (Bachelor's and Master's) and also apply for a change of degree program with a change of study level as part of the semester enrollment procedure. (Medical students are not required to apply for the degree to the faculty.)

You have not automatically registered for the degree when you change your degree program during semester enrollment!

Please note that the deadlines for registering to graduate vary from one faculty to another and can be before the semester enrollment deadline. You can find the registration deadlines as well as information about the procedures on the homepage of the relevant faculty:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Bachelor's degree
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Master's degree
Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Medicine

Students at the Vetsuisse Faculty are automatically awarded their Bachelor's and Master's degree upon attaining the necessary ECTS credits.

Vetsuisse Faculty