FAQ Topic: Change of Degree and/or Study Program (Change of Major and Minor)

Q: Can I still change my degree/study program after completing semester enrollment?
A: Changing a degree or study program (change of major and minor) is possible until 31 August at the latest for the Fall Semester and until 31 January for the Spring Semester. If you have already enrolled online for the semester and wish to make a change, you should contact the Student Administration Office directly.

Q: I would like to change my degree program (major and/or minor ) or study program. How can I do this?
A: After filling in the pages concerning change of address and personal data ("Kontaktinformationen"), go to the “Ihre Einschreibung für das nächste Semester” page and click on the “Einschreibung ändern” button.

The following interface will appear:

If you would like to change your major and/or your minor within your current degree program, you can choose your new subjects under “Fächerwahl.” If you wish to choose a minor in another faculty you need to click the "mit fakultätsfremden Nebenfächern (*)” button. The * sign before the subject title means that it is a subject outside your regular faculty. The name of faculty is given afterwards in square brackets. Please click “Änderungen übernehmen” and send the form.

If you want to change your faculty/degree program , you need to answer “Wollen Sie den Studiengang wechseln?” with “Ja”.

The following interface will appear:


Now enter the faculty and the chosen degree program and accept changes (“Änderungen übernehmen”). On the next page you can enter the major and minor subjects of your new degree program and confirm.


Please remember in each case to click on “Änderungen übernehmen” after entering information. On completion, do not forget to click “Semestereinschreibung absenden.”

Q: I passed my final examinations and would now like to study for a doctoral degree. What do I need to do?
A: When enrolling for the semester, please change your degree program to doctoral degree.