Changing Degree and/or Study Program

Please request a change of degree program and/or study program for the coming semester within the specified periods in “My Requests” in the student portal. You can view your current enrollment in “My Enrollment and Personal Data” in the student portal.

Not all degree and study programs can be changed for the Spring Semester. Please check the relevant program regulation.

Changes of degree programs/study programs are subject to an application assessment. Admission to a Master's, PhD and Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education program, may be subject to restrictions or conditions.

Please note: A change of degree programs and/or study programs does not exempt the student from the obligation to take examinations for any booked modules, nor does it invalidate any upcoming deadlines (e.g. time limits in the assessment phase). The faculties reserve the right to decide differently on these matters.


Change for the Fall Semester

15 May – 31 August

Change for the Fall Semester (Medicine)

15 May – 15 June

Change for the Spring Semester

15 November – 31 January

Requesting a Change of Degree Program/Study Program

You can see the processing status of your request at any time directly in the request under "My Requests" in the student portal.

  • Request a change in "My Requests" in the student portal. After the request has been submitted it will be reviewed by the University of Zurich Student Administration Office (request status: “To be verified”). Documents to submit: Please do not use umlauts and special characters in the document names.

  • If documents must be submitted later or documents that have been submitted are illegible, etc., you will receive a letter from the Student Administration Office via the student portal (with notification by e-mail). It can be found in the request under "Documents." The status of the request will change to "Incomplete."

  • Upload the required documents as a PDF file in the request (“Documents” tab) and submit the request again by clicking on the "Resubmit" button (lower right-hand corner).

  • The processing status will be "To be verified" until your request has been processed by the Student Administration Office.

  • Once the change has been approved or rejected, you will receive a letter from the Student Administration Office, which can be accessed in the request under "Documents" (with notification by e-mail). The status of the request will change to "Approved" or "Rejected."
  • You can only change to a degree program in Medicine if a study place can be allocated, see Studiengangswechsel Bachelor Medizin and Studiengangswechsel Master Medizin (German only).

Following approval of the change, the changed enrollment for the next semester will be displayed in "My Enrollment and Personal Data" in the student portal (navigate to the new semester).

If the change is rejected, you will remain enrolled in the old degree program/study program.

Graduation and Transfer to the Next Academic Level

In order to transfer to the next academic level, please request a change of degree program, see instructions above.

In addition, you must register with the faculty for the Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. (There is a different procedure for medical and veterinary medicine students.) You are not automatically registered for graduation if you change your degree program.

Please review your name and address in “My Enrollment and Personal Data” before registering for graduation so we can provide you with your documents correctly.

Please note that the deadlines for registering for graduation depend on the faculty:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Bachelor’s degree
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Master’s degree
Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Medicine
Vetsuisse Faculty

Invoice for Semester Fees

In general, the semester fees do not change as a result of a change.

For this reason, you should pay the automatically generated semester invoice on time, even if a change of degree program/study program is pending. This is the only way to ensure that important online services, such as booking modules, are activated in a timely manner.

If the change results in a reduced semester invoice (which mainly relates to transfers from a master’s program to doctoral studies), the new invoice will be available for download in the "Enrollment" request as soon as the change has been approved. The old semester invoice will automatically be canceled and deleted from the student portal.

If you have already paid the full semester fees, the Student Administration Office will initiate a reimbursement for the difference. You will receive a letter by mail.

Subject Ban / Degree Program Exclusion

You cannot change to a degree program or a study program from which you have been excluded. The relevant degree program or study program cannot be selected in the request or the request cannot be submitted.

If you have been excluded from your current enrollment (see note in "My Enrollment and Personal Data"), you must change your degree program and/or study program within the specified period.