Booking Modules

Modules can be booked by all students in all faculties of UZH who are enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program, a doctoral program, the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education program, or a mobility program for incoming students.

You can only book modules during the module booking period and after you have paid your semester fees.

Note: Please take into account the different booking deadlines and information provided by the faculties.

Before Booking Your Modules

We recommend you do the following before you book your modules:

  • Consult the relevant program regulations to get an idea of the structure and specific features of your studies.
  • Make sure that you have paid the semester fees. Please note that it may take up to five working days to process the payment.
  • Have your login details ready. If you’re a newly matriculated student, you can download the letter from UZH with your login details in the application portal under “Documents”. Should you have any questions, please check the information on the website of UZH’s Information Technology office.
  • Plan which modules and courses you want to take next semester using the course catalogue and the information provided by the faculties.

Binding Nature of Booked Modules and Student Obligations

Booked modules are binding once the cancellation period has ended. This means you are obligated to complete the assessments associated with the modules you’ve booked. In particular, please note the following points:

  • You are responsible for checking your own bookings and cancellations. This includes ensuring that your bookings or cancellations have been carried out correctly.
  • We recommend that you print out a confirmation of your completed bookings in the booking tool.
  • If you want the modules you book to count towards your degree, the program regulations of the relevant degree programs and study programs apply.
  • You must book a module even if you have signed up for it through the eLearning system (OLAT) or if you have registered for a course directly at the faculty or department/institute.
  • Changing your degree program or study program does not exempt you from your obligation to complete the assessment of a booked module.
  • Modules that have already been booked for the coming semester will be canceled automatically by the University of Zurich after the withdrawal from the university has been approved, unless it occurs within a parallel enrollment (e.g. Teaching Diploma and parallel Master's Degree).

The University of Zurich does not enter into any correspondence regarding module bookings and cancellations.