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Gender Equality and Diversity


The University of Zurich is committed to actively promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity is available to answer your questions and support you with personal consultations.

Discrimination / Sexual Harassment

The University of Zurich does not tolerate discrimination or exclusion of individual persons or groups based on prejudiced stereotypes. If you think you have experienced discrimination on account of your sex, gender identity or sexual orientation, or if you have experienced sexual harassment, do not hesitate to contact the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity as soon as possible. They can offer personal support and advice:
Gender Equality and Diversity: Support and Advice

Studies and Family Life

The University of Zurich fosters a family-friendly culture. A comprehensive range of childcare options is available via the kihz Foundation. You can find information relating to family life on the UZH families portal:

Are you looking for general advice about combining studying and childcare responsibilities? Feel free to contact the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity:
Gender Equality and Diversity: Combining Studies and Family Life


The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity is open to all members of the UZH community for general information and advice on matters related to gender identity and sexual orientation.
Gender Equality and Diversity: LGBTIQ

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