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What Is a Module?

A module is a complete learning unit in terms of content and duration. Modules may consist of one or more courses. Modules generally last one or two semesters. When you pass a module you'll receive a predefined number of ECTS credits. You're deemed to have passed a module once you've successfully completed the relevant assessment. An assessment may take the form of written exams, presentations, papers, etc.

Various Types of Modules

  • Compulsory modules: Modules that are required for all students in a study program, in accordance with the program regulation
  • Core elective modules: These are to be selected from a predefined area in a predefined scope, in accordance with the program regulation
  • Elective modules: These may be selected from a defined area, in accordance with the program regulation

You Must Register by the Deadline!

To do a module you must register by the relevant deadline. Your module booking or registration always also counts as registration for the relevant assessment, provided no separate examination module is specified.

You make your binding registration via UZH's online module booking system. If you register for a module but don't complete the relevant assessment, you are deemed to have failed the assessment. You can withdraw from a module – and from the associated assessment – within the specified period.

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