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Are you already matriculated at UZH and want to prepare yourself as much as you can before beginning your studies? Here are some tips for new starters and some ideas of things you can already get sorted out before you start.

Validate your UZH Card

When you begin at the University you will receive your student ID card, the UZH Card. The UZH Card provides evidence that you are a student at UZH and gives you access to discounts at UZH and elsewhere. You have to show your UZH Card in order to use the ASVZ sports facilities, and the card also acts as a library card in various libraries. It also entitles you to discounts in the cafeterias. Validate your UZH Card before lectures kick off so you can get all the benefits right away. The card has to be revalidated every semester.

You can find validation stations at the following locations:
Map of validation stations

You’ll find more information on the UZH Card website:
UZH Card for students
UZH Card features

Set Up Your UZH E-Mail (Outlook)

All students at the University get a personal UZH e-mail address. Messages relating to your studies will be sent to your UZH e-mail address. Make sure you check this e-mail address at least once a week. You can set up your e-mail account as soon as you have received the access data. Do this as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on any important information.
Login to UZH Microsoft 365

Set up a remote-access VPN

A remote-access VPN gives you access to the University network and internal services when you are away from University premises. For example it can make it easier to browse online newspapers. To set up a VPN connection, follow the instructions on the Information Technology website:
Setting up a VPN connection (in German)

Get to Know Your Program Regulations

Each program of study has a program regulation. This contains information about the curriculum, booking modules, and other useful facts. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your program regulation. 

Regulations can be found on the faculty websites:

Faculty of Theology: Theology (in German)
Faculty of Theology: Study of Religions (in German)
Faculty of Law (in German)
Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Faculty of Medicine (in German)
Vetsuisse Faculty (in German)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (in German)
Faculty of Sciences

Explore the Learning Platform OLAT

OLAT is the learning management system of the University of Zurich. Here you will primarily find learning materials and information about your courses. In addition, OLAT supports you in your learning progress, offers collaborative learning opportunities and enables exchange between you, other students and the teaching staff.
Guide to OLAT registration
Access to OLAT

Get To Know Your Institute or Department Online

Every department or institute at UZH has its own website. Have a look round the website before the semester gets going and find out what your department has to offer. 

Download UZH App

UZH's official app "UZH now" is your quick and easy way to access to all the information you need throughout the day: Your next lectures or appointments, what's for lunch in your favorite cafeteria, public transport schedules, interactive site maps, telephones numbers as well as the latest stories and public events at UZH.
Download here