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UZH for Students

Office Fees

You can order attestations via the contact form  of the Student Services. If you wish to come to the office counter, please consult the opening hours.

All documents are usually available in German and/or English. Prices are per copy and per language.

Transcript of Records

  Amount in CHF
white paper, certified 10.—
security paper, certified


Matriculated students please order via the student portal.


  Betrag in CHF
Confirmation of Matriculation (over the entire period of matriculation) 5.—
Confirmation of Withdrawal from the University 5.—
Attestation of Equivalence 50.—
Confirmation of Doctoral Degree 50.—


  Amount in CHF
Single page 5.—
Transcript of Records per copy (all pages) 10.—
Final Records per copy (all pages) 20.—

UZH Card

  Amount in CHF
Replacement in case of loss or improper handling 25.—

Final Records

  Amount in CHF
Duplicate (with reproducible original document), flat-rate 100.—
Transcription (without reproducible original document): Diploma


Transcription (without reproducible original document): Grade Sheet


Replacement document, flat-rate 100.—

Other Services

  Amount in CHF
Order on invoice 10.—
Special services according to expenditure per hour


Weiterführende Informationen

Kanzleigebühren und obligatorische Beiträge

All office fees as well as the compulsory and voluntary semester contributions are regulated in the appendix to the admission regulations.