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Booking and Cancellation Deadlines Spring Semester 2024

The deadlines for booking modules have been standardized since the fall semester 2022. You will find the deadlines and all exceptions in the course catalogue for each module. Faculty-specific deadlines and information see below.

Booking Modules without Place Restrictions

Booking and Cancellation Deadline 17.01.2024, 10.00 until
12.03.2024, 24.00

Request and Application Modules with Place Restriction

Requests and Withdrawal of Request 17.01.2024, 10.00 until
30.01.2024, 24.00
Latest Place Allocation 05.02.2024, 22.00
Waiting List Progression Period 02.02.2024, 12.00 until
15.02.2024, 24.00
Cancellation Deadline 02.02.2024 12.00 until
18.02.2024, 24.00

Faculty-specific Notes and Deadlines

Faculty of Theology and the Study of Religion (TRF) Notes and Contact TRF
Faculty of Law (RWF)

Notes and Specific Deadlines RWF
Contact RWF

Faculty of Economics (WWF) Notes and Contact WWF
Which Modules do I have to book in my assessment year?
Faculty of Medicine (MeF)

Notes and Contact MeF (German only)

Vetsuisse Faculty (VSF) Notes and Contact VSF
Faculty of Philosophy (PhF)

Notes and Contact PhF

Faculty of Science (MNF) Notes and Specific Deadines MNF
Contact MNF


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Module Booking via Student Portal

You can book your modules via the Student Portal: