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Prerequisite for module booking is matriculation at UZH and a valid semester enrollment. Only after the tuition fees have been paid and processed, you will get access to the module booking tool.

Make sure you know your login data. Newly matriculated students can find the letter from UZH with the login data in the application portal under "Documents" for download.

Consult the relevant program regulations to get an idea of the structure and specific features of your studies.

Use the course catalogue and the information provided by the faculties. and the information provided by the faculties to plan which modules you need to book to reach your study goals.

If you have subject-specific questions, get in touch with the relevant faculty’s advisory center or the faculty's office in charge of module booking.

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New Module Booking

New Module Booking Fall Semester 2022

Please take notice of the information concerning module booking from Fall Semester 2022