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Withdrawing from the University

I have registered for graduation. Will I automatically be withdrawn from the university after I graduate?

No. Withdrawal from the university is carried out by the Student Administration Office and must be requested separately via “My Requests and Invoices” in the student portal.

What happens to the modules I’ve already booked for the coming semester if I withdraw from the university?

Modules already booked for the coming semester and the related examination procedures will automatically be canceled by the University of Zurich if you withdraw from the university. Information about the reimbursement of semester fees can be found on the website Withdrawing from the University, under "Reimbursement of Semester Fees."

I have received the semester invoice for the next semester, but I am considering withdrawing from the university at the end of this semester. Should I still pay the invoice I received in the event I continue my studies?

No, you do not immediately have to pay the invoice you received. The deadlines for paying the invoice for semester fees are 31 July for the Fall Semester and 31 January for the Spring Semester. You will receive a payment reminder from the Student Administration Office in mid-August for the Fall Semester and mid-February for the Spring Semester.

Please note that you will not receive proof of matriculation for the new semester, and you will not be able to book modules or validate your UZH Card until you have paid the semester invoice. Information about activating these services can be found on the website Enrollment under "Activating Booking Modules, Validation of the UZH Card, Mailing of Proof-of-Matriculation Vouchers."

Information about the reimbursement of semester fees in the event you subsequently withdraw from the university can be found on the website Withdrawing from the University. Please note the deadlines.

How long will the login data for University of Zurich online services (OLAT, UZH e-mail, etc.) remain valid after withdrawal from the university?

You will continue to have access to the University of Zurich’s online services for about four months.

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Information about withdrawing from the university can also be found at:


Is your question still not answered?
Please contact the Student Administration Office of the University of Zurich.