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Leave of Absence

I have requested a leave of absence, but I’ve already received the full invoice for semester fees. Where can I find the reduced invoice for the semester of leave?

You must continue to pay the mandatory semester contributions during the semester of leave, but not the tuition fee. After your leave of absence has been approved by the Student Administration Office, you can find the invoice for the mandatory semester contributions in the student portal in the "Enrollment" request for the corresponding semester. The invoice for the full semester fees will automatically be canceled by the Student Administration Office.

Please see the information on this point on the website Leave of Absence under "Invoice for Mandatory Semester Contributions."

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Zurich and am now planning to accept a position abroad for one year. I would therefore like to request a semester of leave from the University of Zurich. Is this possible?

No. The University of Zurich only grants doctoral candidates a leave of absence during the publication phase of their doctoral thesis or if they are ill/have an accident, etc.; a doctor’s certificate must be presented in the latter case. Independent mobility and the non-mandatory internship are reserved for students in a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree program.

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