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UZH for Students

Obstacles to Admission

You cannot change to a degree program or a study program from which you have been banned. As a rule, the degree program or study program in question cannot be selected in the request.

If you are excluded from a current degree program or study program (see note in "My Enrollment and Personal Data" in the student portal), you must submit a request of change of degree program and/or study program within the periods. Booking modules for the new study program combination alone does not automatically adjust your enrollment. Study programs from which you are banned (e.g. minor study program) must be changed even if you are only going to book modules for another study program (e.g. major study program) in the upcoming semester.

Students in a Master’s Study Program: Non-fulfillment of Conditions and Additional Requirements

If you are no longer able fully to meet conditions or additional requirements because of failed official assessments, or if you do not comply with a deadline set upon admission, you will be definitively excluded from the Master’s study program in question. Definitive exclusion from a study program has the effect of banning the student from participating in the study program in question and in all study programs deemed similar by the faculty at all academic levels.

This requires a change of degree program and/or study program. Please note the information on this under Non-fulfillment of conditions and additional requirements for a Master’s program.

For doctoral students and students of the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education degree program, the provisions of the ordinance on obtaining a doctoral degree or the framework ordinance of the respective faculty apply.