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Register for graduation

As soon as you have fulfilled the degree requirements, you can register for graduation in the “Study Progress & Graduation” app. If your registration has been successful, a confirmation mail will be sent to your UZH e-mail address. The Office of Student Affairs at your faculty will check your graduation suggestion and will amend it if necessary. Your faculty will inform you of the result of these checks.

Please note the current deadlines for applying to graduate. These are different in each faculty. If you are unable to register for graduation, yet believe that you have fulfilled all of the necessary requirements in order to do so, please contact your faculty. It is possible that additional steps are necessary, or the dean’s office may need to make changes manually. Details on faculty regulations can be found on your faculty’s website.

Bachelor's and Master's students of the Faculty of Medicine do not have to register for graduation. The Office of the Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Medicine handles the compilation, approval and mailing of graduation documents.

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Study Progress and Graduation

Information regarding the general operation and use of the app can be found in the instructions and in the introductory video.