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Edit your graduation suggestion

The app contains an editing area which, in some situations, allows you to make changes to the graduation suggestion. For example, in certain circumstances, your academic achievements may not be automatically credited within the list of program requirements. It is up to you to decide where the achievements should be credited. There is a short description in each section that explains what is expected of you at that point. You can make changes to the graduation suggestion until you register to graduate. After registration, no further editing is possible.

Were you admitted to the degree program with conditions or additional requirements? Before you register to graduate, you need to indicate which academic achievements you completed in order to fulfill these conditions or additional requirements. You will be able to do this in the graduation suggestion editing area in the app.

The appearance of the editing area is determined by the program regulations. As a result, there are differences in the presentation of information and in the operation of the app in each case. For specific details on the use of the app, please consult your faculty’s website. Should you have questions on your academic progress in relation to the respective program requirements, please contact your academic advisor. Advisors also have access to the app and will be able to support you.

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Study Progress and Graduation

Information regarding the general operation and use of the app can be found in the instructions and in the introductory video.