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Track your progress

Bachelor's, Master's and Teaching Diploma students as well as doctoral candidates can view their current academic progress in the “Study Progress & Graduation” app. Students who are studying just a minor program at the UZH can also use the app. However, exchange students, participants in continuing education programs, and those holding any other types of student status will not be able to view their progress in this app.

Upon opening the app, you will see a list of the courses of study either in which you can still graduate, in which you have registered for graduation, or from which you have already graduated. For each course of study, the app will display not only the current program requirements as stipulated in the program regulations, but also both booked and completed academic achievements that can be credited in order to fulfill those requirements. Program requirements are the conditions that must be fulfilled before you are able to graduate. A simple traffic-light system shows you which program requirements you have already fulfilled, and which are still incomplete. This information allows you to track your progress through your studies and identify which academic achievements still need to be accomplished.

The program requirements differ in each faculty, course of study, and study program. As a result, there are differences in the presentation of information and in the operation of the app in each case. For specific details on the use of the app, please consult your faculty’s website. Should you have questions on your academic progress in relation to the respective program requirements, please contact your academic advisor. Advisors also have access to the app and will be able to support you.

Weiterführende Informationen

Study Progress and Graduation

Information regarding the general operation and use of the app can be found in the instructions and in the introductory video.