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Evaluation of Academic Achievement

Grades for academic achievement are given on a scale of 1 to 6. The highest grade is 6, the lowest 1; the lowest passing grade is 4. Half and quarter grades are possible. Ungraded assessments are evaluated on a «Pass»/«Fail» basis, or are marked as «Fulfilled»/«Not Fulfilled» or with a «W» (Module in Progress).

ECTS credits are awarded if academic achievement is marked «Pass» or given a grade of 4 or better. Credit can only be awarded for an entire module; partial credit is not given.

If the status is «Successful», the module has been passed and ECTS credits have been awarded. «Not Successful» means either that the module was not passed but the assessment may be repeated, or that the module was definitively failed and no ECTS credits were awarded. «Module in Progress» signifies that a module lasts two semesters and that only the first semester was completed at the time the Transcript of Records was issued.

Graduation can take place only after all ECTS credits required by the prevailing framework ordinance and program regulations have been earned. You can see your study prograss in the Study Progress and Graduationapp.