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UZH for Students


Your transcript of records is available for download as a PDF in the student portal on friday of the following dates.

Fall Semester


All faculties


MNF and programs with credits from other universities 11
Spring Semester


All faculties 38
MNF, MeF and programs with credits from other universities 41

All students matriculated at UZH are informed in advance by e-mail to their UZH e-mail address when their transcript is ready for download.

The transcript of records is deemed officially delivered seven days after it becomes available for download on the student portal. It remains available for download until it is replaced by a more recent one. Students are then themselves responsible for storing their transcript in a safe place.

Students who have withdrawn from the University can access the student portal up to four months after end of the semester.

Weiterführende Informationen

Ordering Transcript of Records

Detailed information on ordering Transcript of Records on security paper or certified Transcripts can be found on the following page.