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UZH for Students

Doctoral Studies

The admission procedure for doctoral studies begins with the faculty or graduate school concerned. Here, you must:

  • secure the approval of one or (as appropriate) more supervisor(s) for your planned doctoral thesis,
  • in the case of doctoral programs, have been accepted on to the program, and
  • as appropriate, have been offered a position as a doctoral student, or teaching and research assistant.

Which of these steps must be completed, and in which order, depends on the doctoral studies in question. Details in this regard can be found on the website of the faculty concerned:
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Individual doctorate and doctoral programs Faculty of Medicine
Vetsuisse Faculty
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Science

In addition, you must apply via the student portal for the relevant change of degree and/or study program. In doing so, you must submit confirmation from your future supervisor and, where appropriate, also notification of acceptance to the doctoral program. If these documents are not yet available at the time of your application, they may be submitted at a later date.