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Bans and Definitive Exclusion

A ban on a degree or study program means that you can no longer earn a degree in it. If you are enrolled in such a program, you will be definitively excluded.


In the "My Bans" app in the Student Portal, you can get an overview of all banned degree and study programs as well as further information about them. The reason for a ban is coursework that has not been completed or has not been completed on time. This is the case, for example, if you definitively do not pass a compulsory module or a condition/additional requirement, exceed the number of permitted failed attempts in a Core Elective or Elective Pool, or let the deadline for completing the assessment studies pass. Failed coursework often results in multiple bans. Please refer to the faculty legal documents for the regulations that apply to each degree or study program. Modules that have not been completed successfully will be listed on the Transcript of Records. Newly disclosed academic achievements are subject to appeal to the responsible office of the faculty offering the modules. Please refer to the instructions on the Transcript of Records.

Definitive Exclusion

If you are enrolled in the degree program or study for which you are banned, you will receive a decision that you are definitively excluded from the respective programs. This decision will be sent to you as soon as the evaluation of the decisive study performance is legally binding. This is usually the case seven weeks after the Transcript of Records is sent out, provided no objection has been made and the objection period has expired.

If you want to continue studying at UZH, you must apply for a change of degree or study program by the specified deadline. The decision concerning the definitive exclusion will be provided to you either as a PDF in the "My Documents" app or by mail. In the case of digital delivery, you will also be informed by e-mail. You must submit the decision concerning the definitive exclusion if you are applying to another university.