Booking Modules

Modules can be booked by all UZH students who are enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program or who are taking at least one course or elective that awards with ECTS credits. You can only book modules during the module booking period and after paying your semester fees.

Before Booking Modules

We recommend you do the following before booking your modules:

  • Consult the relevant study rules to get an idea of the structure and specific features of the course of study you wish to take.
  • Make sure that you have paid the semester fees on time. Please note that it may take several days to process the payment.
  • Plan which modules and courses you wish to book in the next semester by using the course catalogue and considering information provided by the faculties.
  • Contact the relevant advisory center or the faculty offices that process the module booking if you have subject-specific questions.
  • Please note the faculty information on booking deadlines.
  • Click the info icons for additional information when you are booking modules.

Binding Nature of Booked Modules and Students' Obligations

Booked modules are binding once the cancellation period has ended. You are then obliged to complete the module. In particular, please note the following points:

  • You are responsible for monitoring your own bookings and cancellations. This includes ensuring that your bookings or cancellations have been processed correctly.
  • We recommend you print the receipts from the booking tool.
  • The study rules of the relevant courses of study and subjects apply if you wish booked modules to count towards a degree program.
  • You must book the relevant module even if you have signed up using the University of Zurich's eLearning-System (OLAT) or if you have registered for a lecture, seminar, or colloquium directly at a faculty or institute.
  • Withdrawal from the university or a change of degree program do not exempt you from the obligation to complete a booked module.

The University of Zurich does not conduct correspondence regarding bookings and cancellations.