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Change of Degree Programs, Change of Study Programs

I only get to chose the major subject but not the minor subject in the request form.

Since you need to state the complete enrollment in the form, please enter the major subject first. The box for the minor subject will be shown thereafter.

I missed the deadline for a change of degree program or change of study program. Can I change programs anyway?

No. Late changes of degree programs or changes of study programs outside of the deadlines are not possible.

I would like to move from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s program (or from a Master’s program to doctoral studies, or to the teaching diploma program after having completed a Master’s degree). What do I need to do?

Please see the information for the same question under Semester Enrollment, (first question).

Are ECTS that have been earned in the old study program credited to the new study program after a program change?

For questions regarding the transfer of credits, please get in touch with the Office of Student Affairs of your faculty.

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Further Questions?

Information about a change of degree program or change of study program can also be found at:


Is your question still not answered?
Please contact the Student Administration Office of the University of Zurich.